World health day – we’re so excited!

SAVE THE DATE: 7th April 2018

What is the number one thing we are completely dependent upon to succeed in life? You guessed it, it’s our health.

What many of us fail to realize is that without our health, we are in trouble. We so often think to ourselves: “I will start eating healthy on Monday” or “I will start exercising and join Parkrun in the new year”. Unfortunately, health waits for nobody.

Elle International is all about health, wellness and empowering girls to live their best lives. We do this by providing comprehensive sexual health education at schools whilst simultaneously providing girls with access to sustainable and bio-compatible menstrual hygiene products.

In light of creating further awareness around how optimal menstrual hygiene can improve a girl’s physical, mental and emotional state of health and well-being; we are hosting a very exciting event on the 7th of April for World Health Day.

Elle International presents World Health Day at Fourways Farmer’s Market! We are incredibly excited to collaborate with the team at Fourways Farmers market to bring you a specialized event with the aim of raising funds for 680 Elle Cup packs going to highschool girls in the Cape Flats.

Come join us as we have an awesome day out in Fourways!

See you there.

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