Menstrual Disc


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The only menstrual disc that can be worn during sex.

Elle Menstrual disc:
  1. Manufactured from the highest medical grade silicone
  2. Healthy, Non BPA, Non Toxic.
  3. Reusable, saves you money, eco-friendly
  4. Flexible, petal-thin design for ultimate comfort
  5. Heavy period capacity, 1 disc is equal to 5 regular tampons
  6. Flat-fit menstrual disc, enabling mess-free sex while on your period
  7. No suction, minimises period cramps
Silicone case:
  1. Cute, round silicone case, fits all brands of menstrual disc
  2. Our innovative design allows your disc to dry naturally
  3. Won’t deform your disc when storing it
  4. Incredibly smooth to the touch, durable and of the highest quality silicone

3 reviews for Menstrual Disc

  1. Celeste van Niekerk

    Completely comfortable! Super happy with this product.

  2. Samantha Capper

    I’m actually really impressed. I was a bit concerned at first but it works really well.

  3. Bianca Starfx

    Absolutely in love with this┬ámenstrual disc! To be honest – the orgasms are even better when using it.

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