Elle Disinfectant Spray

Elle Disinfectant Spray

Elle Disinfectant spray is now available online! This award winning disifectant spray has antibacterial properties and is proven to treat and prevent bacterial vaginosis and Thrush.

World Health Day with Fourways Farmers Market

World health day – we’re so excited! SAVE THE DATE: 7th April 2018 What is the number one thing we are completely dependent upon to succeed in life? You guessed it, it’s our health. What many of us fail to realize is that without our health, we are...

5 Things You May Not Know About Your Period

Your period. In this day and age, it’s important that we have adequate and insightful information about our sexual health, our periods and the similarities between the two. Do any of these things surprise you? Do you think you know all that there is to know...

Periods: Tips on how to talk to your daughter

Periods. A difficult topic and one that mother normally get wrong when they are talking to their daughters. So what are the best ways to talk to your daughter about periods? Or just puberty in general? It is important for mothers to teach their daughters about menstruation as well as the options available for them to manage their periods.

Mandela Day Initiative

As part of Mandela Day,  Daniel Craig Johnson Photography and their competitions and projects to empower females of all age groups, have launched a project in Partnership with Elle International. Elle Cup is a reusable menstrual cup, that can protect girls and women...

Introducing Menstrual Cups in Niger

After a challenging but Incredible month in Niger; I come home with an aching but blessed heart. It is not until you step outside of your comfort zone that you realize the great need of mankind. In the photo below, I had the privilege to introduce a new concept into...

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