How New Reality spent their 67 minutes on Mandela Day

New Reality, a VR and AR content creation studio in Johannesburg, South Africa

Mandela Day – an incredible time to reflect on where we have been and how far we have come. In honour of Nelson Mandela’s 100th Birthday, we celebrate the emancipation of our great country, South Africa.  There is always a price to pay for complete freedom, and in South Africa, the price is sometimes too high for those who did not win what I like to call “the ovarian lottery”. Which simply means, they were born into a hard life. A life were poverty is a daily struggle just as much as having a meal once a day. In these times, the richer are certainly feeling price increases but the poorer are finding it almost impossible to meet their basic needs.

It is now, a time more than ever, for us to step up and make a change. VAT has risen to 15%. Inflation is crippling the economy and majority of our people are bearing the brunt of the recent spikes in food and petrol prices.

Elle Cup works towards creating equality for women when it comes down to the fundamental basic needs. Our mission is this: To create sustainable ways for girls to manage their periods with dignity. Our focus is on empowering girls and promoting confidence. We do this through providing menstrual hygiene packs that have a total lifespan of 15 years to girls who would not normally be able to afford sanitary materials on a months basis. We also engage in educational campaigns with schools, to ensure menstrual hygiene and sexual reproductive health education is addressed in a comprehensive way.

We are incredibly blessed to have had the team from New Reality assist us on Mandela day by spending their 67 minutes assembling Elle Cup packs for 1500 girls! A huge shout out to New Reality (, an awesome VR and AR content studio based in Johannesburg with a team with hearts of Gold!

How did you spend your 67 minutes?