Often research and clinical trials are not representative of the diversity of the disease. Elle believes that universal participation in data collection from all demographic groups is essential to embed equity into this next chapter of healthcare. Through the ElleStudies platform we address representation and equity for research recruitment that more accurately represent the diversity of disease. With ElleStudies we reach communities and focus on the inclusion of demographic groups who typically do not participate in research because of barriers created by lack of access to researchers and clinicians, cultural considerations, or low levels of medical literacy.

The ElleStudies platform enables the collection of good quality healthcare data, in a trusted and safe way to revolutionise the management and tracking of women’s health disorders, and other chronic diseases. ElleStudies provides the platform through which stakeholders can communicate traversing silos to share learning and enhance collaboration across initiatives to improve collective effort.

ElleStudies connects patients to verified information on best care practices, medical professionals, clinical trials, and similar patients near them to create community. ElleStudies places patients in the driver’s seat, able to dictate if they want to share their data, raise their hand to be contacted by clinical trial coordinators, and contact specialists or patients like them for care advice. ElleStudies aims to democratise exceptional care and the research process to accelerate effective diagnostics, treatments, and cures for menstrual health disorders.

ElleStudies is designed so that all data stays within the Elle environment. Any identifiable data is stored separately from study and response data to help minimise access to sensitive data. The platform has been designed to support auditing requirements for compliance with the United States Code of Federal Regulations Title 21 Part 11, allowing the platform to be used for trials under Investigational New Drug (IND) oversight. Further, the platform supports HIPAA and other compliance requirements.

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