Elle Disinfectant Spray Now Available Online!

We’re all about healthy Periods!┬áDid you know that our award winning disinfectant spray is now available for you to buy on our online store?

Due to popular demand, we have made the Elle disinfectant spray available for follow up purchases. The spray was originally included at no cost in each Elle Cup pack, but owing to fantastic reviews and feedback about the spray – we have decided to make it available to purchase.

If you didn’t know, the spray has antibacterial properties and is proven to treat and prevent bacterial vaginosis and Thrush. By simply applying 2-3 sprays of the Elle Disinfectant spray to your Elle Cup, you are automatically protecting yourself again Thrush and BV. Isn’t that awesome?

Not to mention that it is the most discreet cleaning method when you don’t have freedom to simply rinse your menstrual cup between uses.

The spray is only available at the moment in 50ml bottles, but on request we can supply 200ml bottles of the Elle Disinfectant spray.