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Menstrual Health

Comprehensive and healthy period care.

Women's Health App

Our innovative women’s health Application, WOMANY, offers trusted health information, diagnostic features, hormone tracking, connected care and more.


Our innovative patient-led data platform that places the individual in full control of their health information.


Improving the quality of life for women and girls, reducing barriers to care, and prioritising research for effective treatments.


Our patient-led research platform, accelerating diagnostics, treatments, and pathways to cures for women’s health.

What Our Customers Say


I love the Elle Cup – so easy to use, very comfortable and maximum protection. Instructions were easy to follow. The product was extremely easy to insert and remove. What an awesome product!

Gillian Barnes

CEO, Nimue Global

As crazy as it may sound I actually couldn’t wait to have my period this month. I have never been more excited to use a product as I was with my Elle Cup. To be honest I was a bit nervous and tense but I was pleasantly surprise at how easy it was to insert and how comfortable it felt. I was so excited that I actually got it right the first time. So once again thank you for introducing me to this amazing product, it has truly given me a new freedom and perspective about my period and my womanhood.
God bless
Joy Dickens

Executive Director, HSB Technologies

At first I was quite nervous about switching to a menstrual cup. I didn’t quite get my fold right the first time and I lost a bit of faith. However  my second try I decided to persist with getting the fold right and taking the time to ensure that it opened up correctly to make the suction seal. Its been a success ever since and I am so happy that I persisted! I love my Elle Cup and couldn’t be happier. I definitely won’t be switching back to tampons. I also love how much waste I keep out of landfills by switching to a menstrual cup since I am really conscious about my waste contribution. Thanks Elle Cup for an incredible product!

Jayde Coombes

Marketing Manager, Lorna Jane

I love using the Elle Cup. I have been using my Elle Cup for almost 3 years now and I definitely won’t go back to using any other single use period products.  I feel so much healthier since making the switch from Tampons. At first it was something to get used to since I was so comfortable using tampons, but now that I have made the switch I couldn’t be happier. I highly recommend making a switch to Elle Cup – you definitely won’t regret it. I wish I had mad the switch sooner!

Jillian Kay

Brand marketing manager, Edcon

I honestly wish I knew about Elle Cup sooner. It’s so empowering not having to worry about leaks and the odour associated with periods. I have 100% confidence using Elle Cup and am constantly recommending it to all my friends and social media following. 

Naomi Tulay-Solanke

Executive Director , Healthcare initiative INC Liberia

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Giving you confidence

Knowing that you do not have to worry about accidental leaks or visible marks during a busy day.

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For every cup purchased, one is donated to a girl or woman in impoverished areas in Africa

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